Conference System
Up 60 Receivers

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Note: Specifications may change without prior notice.

* Requires Harman Pro interface - BSS BLU 8X and Blu-USB for Blu-Link

Digital Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System

We make them completely wireless!

Wireless goose neck microphone receiver

The Digital Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System consists of wireless goose neck microphone transmitter and a set of receivers, which is perfectly suitable for international conferences requiring multi-language support.

It is the most updated portable Simultaneous Interpretation System, No any installation, no any cable, long distance and use time. Good audio quality and low latency. It will make you can start simultaneous interpretation at any place, indoor and outdoor.

The Wireless Microphone Simultaneous Interpretation, which has the following features:

Wireless goose neck microphone transmitter:

Digital wireless transmission technology, work frequency band 860-870 MHz, 863-865MHz, 915MHz(According to customer’s request)

Transmitter build in microphone

Unlimited number of receivers.

Shortest audio delay, LCD display for volume and channel

Distance:150 meters

Support 6 language channels for interpretation

Power supply: 2pc general AA battery

No any interference for each channel

Wireless goose neck microphone receiver.


Transmiter KIT:



The portable Wireless Audio Transceiver ATG04 system consists of an audio transmitter and a set of receivers, which is perfectly suitable for international conferences requiring multi-language support and scenic spots holding many different touring parties. When using this system, a tour guide can introduce scenic sites to his/her touring group by wireless voice without interfere other touring groups. 

The ATG04 system is our latest ATG product, which has the following features: 

The best audio quality and support music transmission.

  1. Build in lithium battery. Long time use time.

  2. LCD display for battery power, channel, volume and signal, very easy to operate.

  3. UHF for international free frequency license.

  4. 150-200 meters range from the transmitter to receivers. 

  5. 100 independent channels to choose, up to 100 groups work simultaneously at the same location. 

  6. Provide lanyard for each unit and can be hung on the neck for easy carry

  7. Slim design and nice looking. Very small size. 



Parameter Value

Wave band

800MHz (Can be customized)

No. of Channels

100 Channel

Output Power 13 dBm

Sensitivity -113 dBm


150-200meters without interference

S/N ratio >60 db




earphone/audio (3.5mm)

Power supply

Lithium batter build


75mm x 58mm x 12mm


45 grams

Charging Slots: Up 60

Hard Case Incluided